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BT SmartTalk


BT SmartTalk lets you make calls from your mobile at your BT home calling plan rates. So it could save you money if you’re a BT customer. With the free app you can make calls on your mobile using your home phone plan, through your mobiles wi-fi or mobile data connection. And it would cost the same as if you were using your landline at home. So if you get unlimited anytime calls on your home phone calling plan, you’ll get the same on SmartTalk. Smart, right?Why get BT SmartTalk?• Avoid expensive mobile roaming costs when you’re abroad – call back to the UK for the same price you’d pay if you were using your home phone. • Keep in touch even if you don’t have much signal by making calls over wi-fi.• Make calls even when someone else is on the home phone, using wi-fi or your mobile data connection.• Get free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers (if they’re part of your home calling plan).• Download on up to five different smartphones so your family can share the savings. (You’ll need a unique BT ID for each account which can be created during sign-up).• Call other mobiles without having to worry about topping up your Pay-As-You-Go credit.More about BT SmartTalk• There are three simple steps to sign up – create a BT ID, link to your home phone and then link to your mobile. You’ll need to be at home to register for it so you can link it to your home phone.• The app automatically imports the contact list from your mobile.• People will see your mobile number when you call them. You can also withhold your number if you’d prefer. • The BT account holder is in charge. We’ll tell them about any new registrations. And they can manage their BT SmartTalk service online - including restricting the types of calls each user can make or even blocking new registrations - at • BT SmartTalk is fully compatible with accessibility tools (to make it easier for the hard of hearing or visually impaired users to navigate).For more information go to Or for help and support with BT SmartTalk go to“You’ll need a BT home calling plan and an iPhone / compatible Android smartphone with an internet connection. Maximum five users per account. SmartTalk allows you to access your calling plan on your smartphone. UK time zone applies. Opt-in for Premium (09) calls. Personal (070) calls excluded. Fair use policy applies. Excludes BT Basic. See”